Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - June

1.  Am on my summer sandal hunt and thought these looked comfy. I saw them in the June issue of O. They are called LaaLaa sandals and are from Ugg. Just wonder if that cozy heel would feel too hot. $60 now $34.99 .

2.  I have been wearing kimonos with pants and tops since the 1970s. Looks like that style is back again. Yay! I always loved it. This kimono was also in O and is from Chicos. $169

3.  Read about this Mexican cookbook in the Magnolia Journal. It is on my wish list at Amazon.

4.  Interesting article about naps in the June issue of Prevention Magazine. It says that naps of moderate length (about 60 minutes) can leave you feeling groggy. 30 minute naps help to boost short-term energy. 90 minute naps help restore energy from lack of sleep.

5.  Bright colors are definitely my thing these days. I am on the look out for four used chairs that I can paint and re-upholster in bright colors.

6.  This cute umbrella is from Pier1. I tend to stay away from red outdoor umbrellas for my courtyard because they fade. What I like about this one is the fringe. I think there is a trip to the fabric store to buy fringe and a glue gun in my future.

7.  Every summer besides sandals, I buy the perfect straw bag. I have been doing that since I was about 17 and got my first one in San Francisco's Cost Plus. I really like this cross-body raffia bag from Yonder Living. I have never been to their website before. They have lots of great stuff. I saw this bag in a magazine I have never read before The Simple Things. I think it might bcome a regular for me.

8.  This recipe for Vegetable and Cheese Taco Cups was in Prevention. But then I googled "taco cups" and there are a gazillion to choose from. These should make perfect summer appetizers.

9.  Love this black powder-coated-iron chair with Sunbrella cushion. It is from Storimodern and is a bit pricey for me at $729 (with free shipping). But, love that bright yellow and black combination. When I got married in 1971 I wanted everything for my kitchen to be black, white and yellow.

10. I almost never get regular old mail any more. Really... when someone says mailbox I think email. I do love photographing old mailboxes though. This is a photograph I took many years ago. I read in some magazine this month... and I can't seem to find it again, to put an old mailbox in your garden to store your yard clippers and gardening gloves. That that was such a fun idea.

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