Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - February 2018

1.  I found this globe in the February issue of Do It Yourself. They found it on Craigslist. The 1920's globe was from a one-room school house. Students would swing it across the room to who-ever needed it next.

2.  Also from Do It Yourself, I like how these drawers have been painted in graduating colors like paint chips.

3.  Everywhere I go I see easy recipes for Sheet Pans. Here are four Sheet Pan cookbooks recommended by Rachel Ray in her Every Day Magazine.

4.  I am always looking for interesting ways to hang photographs. This display is not one I would usually like, but I surprisingly like the casualness of the pink tape with the pink flowers.

5.  Also from Rachel Ray is this recipe for "Boozy Mexican Hot Chocolate." Looks like  winner to me with chocolate, cayenne and Kahlúa.

6.  No top ten list would be complete without at least one pair of shoes. I love these floral embroidered boots. I found them in the February issue of Living Etc. They are from Charles Keith. I could not find them at Charles Keith but found similar ones in tan or indigo. I think I like these even better. The indigo pair would be so great with jeans.

7.  I found a new magazine called Taste of Home this month. In it was a mixed selection of blue patterned plates. It reminded me of a Thanksgiving dinner I attended in Mexico where the table was set with a colorful mix of fiesta ware plates. There is an amazing range of colors from Fiesta on Amazon

8.  I have to say I was rather floored by the price of these bags from Fendi, Dior and Longchamp in the Feb issue of In Style. I find bags just as beautifully made in Mexico everywhere. Just think for the price of one Fendi bag you could travel to Mexico, stay at a beautiful inn, eat all your means and still have enough money for ½ dozens bags for your and your friends.

9.  Another issue with prices. I found beautiful mules for $325 a pair (also Feb In Style). Ya. Not going to happen. Then I saw this even cuter pair of velvet mules in this month's issue of Woman's Day. They have pearl polka dots are are just $26 from Afraid they were gone really fast from Lulus but I did find them on Amazon in five colors for $40.99. Still beats $325.

10.  I am a bit late for Valentines Day but love these sweet easy to make, penguin cookies also from Women's Day.

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