Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - August

1.  The first issue of The Pioneer Woman Magazine was released in June. but I just read it. I know Ree Drummond's Food Network show, cookbooks and blog . Her dishes would have been a bit fussy for me in the past, but somehow they fit in Mexico. 

2.  I saw this flower chandelier in Living Etc. I thought it would be really fun for a party. But I can see how it could go tacky without the right flowers.

3.  I love patio lights, but I always just start in one corner and string them across to the opposite corner. The August issue of Family Circle had some fun ideas about creating a pattern of lights.

4.  I love me some gnocchi. This recipe from Chatelaine includes fresh ricotta, tomato and corn for a yummy looking salad.

5.  Now this takes me right back to the 1970s. I used to always hang my baskets on the wall in the kitchen. Now they are hanging them above couches. Found this example in Good Housekeeping. I can find the most gorgeous handwoven baskets here in Mexico. I'm not loving the over the couch idea. Mine are going to go on the wall entering my kitchen.

6.  This months issue of AARP has an article about Kathy Bates (one of my favorite actresses. I've lost count of how many times I have watched Fried Green Tomatoes) staring in a new Netflix show called Disjointed. It's about the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary. It premiers tomorrow, August the 25th. 

7.  Since retiring I am always on the lookout for a good novel. I saw The Cuban Affair by Nelson DeMille in Chatelaine. Since I have traveled in Cuba and it sounds like an exciting read, it is now on my list of "To Reads." It will be released September 19th. So far the reviews look good.

8.  According to Living Etc, aqua is the new "go to" color. Works for me. I am wondering how many walls in my guest room I can get by painting aqua before I hate it. I know I can get by with a lot more in Mexico, but right now I am thinking one wall and the inside of bookshelves. What do you think?

9.  Speaking of paint... I am really loving these plum colors I saw in Better Homes and Gardens. My friend Susan thinks I should paint the wall plum with the small wall insert in pomegranate. or the wall pomegranate and the insert in plum.

10. Oh I do love this Mi Casa Es Su Casa pillow I saw in Living Etc. It is hand embroidered at Jan Constantine. There is also a Fiesta Bird of Paradise pillow that would look great with it. Two problems - they are a bit pricey for me (at $123.06 each) and Jan Constantine only ships in the U.K. 

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