Top Ten Tips From My Favorite Magazines - May 2017

Buying hardcover U.S. magazines is not really possible now that I am in Mexico. So I use two apps on my iPad - Texture and  Zinio. Both are great for downloading magazines from all over the world.  I could have a stack as tall as I am downloaded on my iPad - perfect for long trips. Plus think of the trees we are saving.

1.   My sense of color and texture has changed since I moved to San Miguel de Allende. Intense colors and rich textures surround me every day and I love it. I saw this office in Living Etc. How could you not be inspired, at your desk, look at these stained glass windows and textured panels?

2.   Real Simple Magazine always has the best tips for alternative uses of everyday items. This month  it's ways to use bubble wrap. My favorite suggestion was to cut a small square of bubble wrap and poke the stem of a flower through it to allow your flowers to gracefully float in water.

3.  Also featured in Real Simple is this kids' game dinner tray. What a great gift for a parent or grandparent to aid picky young eaters.You can find it at

4.  I have been looking all over San Miguel de Allende for a pouffe to put in front of my couch. This one is perfect. Unfortunately it is in England at Lema. Kind of hard to ship to Mexico, but if I lived in England it would be mine.

5.  I have always loved avocados. However since moving to Mexico, I eat them almost daily. They are huge and cheap. Martha Stewart's Magazine has four guacamole recipes - just in time for Cinco de Mayo - Minty Margarita Guacamole, Modern Mex, Taco Truck Style and Martha's Classic.

6.  Right now I have a large print over my bed, above my Mexican wooden headboard. It's just not doing it for me. This month I ran across these two images. Now I am thinking of hanging a Mexican rug. The second image brings back my 1970s macrame days. Texture, texture, texture.

7.  I live in a loft space with a terrace. I love how this headboard can divide up a large room. I would build in a desk on the other side.

8.  When I read this quote by Shunryu Suzuki Roshi it changed my meditation practice. I meditate every morning for 15 minutes. I focus on my breathing, but those pesky little to do lists keep popping up. I am easing up on myself and just imagining them coming in the front door, going out the back door and not stopping for tea.

9.  Chihuly's glass sculptures blow me away.  He is now showing at  the New York Botanical Gardens
through October 29, 2017.

10. I discovered a new magazine this month. It's called The Magnolia Journal. I loved how this swing was hung from a huge beam in a child's room. I would love it in a living or family room as well.

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