The Last Three Months Have Given Me Emotional Whiplash

The last few months since moving to San Miguel de Allende Mexico have been a roller coaster...

The end of October my two best friends accompanied me to SMA to settle in for six months to see how I like living in another country. My goal was to find a place to live and sign up for intensive Spanish lessons. I decided I would give myself six months to decide if I wanted to stay in Mexico longer, go somewhere else or return to California.

That first week I shopped with my friends, explored great places for coffee, drank my share of margaritas, listened to some fabulous musicians, learned to walk on cobblestone streets, ate fabulous food and found a small place to live in central SMA. At the end of that first week my sister Pam was in a serious car accident and I needed to return with my two friends back to California.

I stayed in the U.S. for a couple of weeks to support my sister. I was in the U.S. during the election which felt like life turned upside down. After my sister got better, I headed back to San Miguel Allende... this time with my dog Lola. I settled into my little apartment and spent the next 3 weeks exploring SMA on my own, walking up and down the steep hills of this beautiful Mexican town.

My family then contacted me to tell me that my sister Pam had a massive stroke and to come back to California ASAP.  My sister died right before Christmas. Again life turned upside down.

Last week I returned to SMA. It is a perfect place for thinking about my sister (and Mom who died just before Christmas last year), and for healing and beginning again.

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