The Last Three Months Have Given Me Emotional Whiplash

The last few months since moving to San Miguel de Allende Mexico have been a roller coaster...

The end of October my two best friends accompanied me to SMA to settle in for six months to see how I like living in another country. My goal was to find a place to live and sign up for intensive Spanish lessons. I decided I would give myself six months to decide if I wanted to stay in Mexico longer, go somewhere else or return to California.

At the end of my first week I had shopped with my friends, explored great places for coffee, drank my share of margaritas, listened to some fabulous musicians, learned to walk on cobblestone streets, ate fabulous food and found a small place to live in central SMA. At the end of that first week my sister Pam was in a serious car accident and I needed to return with my two friends back to California.

I stayed in the U.S. for a couple of weeks to support my sister. I was in the U.S. during the election which felt like life turned upside down. After my sister got better and I sobbed for several days about the election, I headed back to San Miguel Allende... this time with my dog Lola. I settled into my little apartment and spent the next 3 weeks exploring SMA on my own. I walked up and down the steep hills of this beautiful Mexican town.

My family then contacted me to tell me that my sister Pam had a massive stroke and to come back to California ASAP.  My sister died right before Christmas. Again life turned upside down.

Last week I returned to SMA. While in California I decided to find a larger place to live. My new little studio apartment was just too small for family and friends to stay with me. I was very lucky. Across the courtyard from my tiny apartment, a beautiful two bedroom became available and I grabbed it.

So this last week Lola and I moved again. It was an easy move - just a few steps away. Our new home is beautiful with a magical roof patio. SMA is a perfect place for thinking about my sister (and Mom who died just before Christmas last year), and for healing and beginning again.

Lola's and My Big Adventure in San Miguel de Allende

One week left of work. Last week I sold my car and am Ubering everywhere. Today I started sorting...things to take, things to store, things to sell at my Moving Sale on October first. This idea, from nearly a year ago, of Lola and I heading off to try living in another country has become very real. I fluctuate between excitement for a new adventure... and WTF? am I doing... between "I have lost my mind" and "this is going to be so much fun."

What I Found on Pinterest Today.

I am really taken by this curtain made of dreamcatchers. I like the colors, but am thinking it might be quite stunning all in white. Found it on Pinterest here . Looks like a whole lot of work... maybe when I retire.

"This" App

"This" is one of my Top Ten Apps. It was created by TinRocket, the same developer that created another one of my favorite apps "Waterlogue." 

"This" is a great app for putting pointers, labels, descriptions and how-to steps onto a picture. It's also a very easy app to use.

1.  Open the app and tap on the red camera icon in the bottom left corner to bring a picture in from your photo library. Tap on the spot where you want the end of the pointer to be, then drag until you see (this)

2.  Tap on the word (this) to bring up the keyboard. Type the word, description, label that you want connected to the end of the pointer.

3.  You can move the pointer and type around with your finger until you have it placed in just the right place.

4.  Continue with other words/descriptions. If you do not want a pointer, just push the type up until the pointer disappears.

5.  Swipe up on the tab at the bottom to change fonts between black and white, and small, medium and large.

6.  To delete a pointer just drag it off of the image until you see the red X and let go. Click on the share icon to save.
SaveSave This App Waterlogue

Top Ten Tips from My Favorite Magazines - July

1.  I am always looking for new Grilled Shrimp recipes. Found this one in July issue of O.. Grilled Shrimp Skewers with Caper-Lemon Vinaigrette.

2.   Also from O Magazine ... a switch on the Mozzarella Tomato Caprese. This one has avocado in between the slices of cheese and tomato. Sprinkle with basil or pesto sauce.

3.   I saw this tip in Real Magazine. They suggested it as an unscented way to keep mosquitoes away.

4.   I don't remember in which magazine I saw the tip about cutting marshmallows but thought it was a handy one.

5.   "This" app was featured in MacLife... and yes it is actually called "this." I love this app. It is so handy for adding how to captions onto pictures. I think I will create a post just on "This" app. I like it that much.

6.    I needed a new thermos because mine flew off of the roof of my car when I drove away. I saw the Swell bottle in a Martha Stewart Living and then again at Starbucks. I read that the largest version holds an entire bottle of wine.  

7.    Downloaded Paul Simon's new album after reading a review. That man can so masterly play with words. Stranger to Stranger is Simon's 13th solo album. I particularly like the title song , Wristband, Proof of Love and the quirky Street Angel.

8.    Discovered the color palette of navy, peach and sand in this month's Coastal Living. I liked it so much I redid the palette of Cynthia 2.0.

9.   Interesting feature in Prevention Magazine about how research shows that blueberries may help to reduce Alzheimer's risk. 

10.  I have a thing for Airstream trailers. Sunset magazine has an article about Glam Camping. They describe 18 locations including Sonoma's Airstream Auto Camp. (Opens August 15th). Sounds perfect to me.


Fabulous Tip For Painful Shoes

I recently purchased a new pair of sandals online. They fit fine but hurt between my toes and on the heel. After a bit of googling I found a suggestion to rub deodorant on the place where the shoe is irritating your foot. I tried it and voƮla I can now where my new summer sandals!

Summer Straw Bags

I remember buying my first straw tote at Cost Plus Imports in Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco. I was in 7th grade. From then on I was hooked and every year about this time I start keeping an eye open for the perfect summer straw bag. Here are the ones I like for this year.

1.  This Straw Shoulder Tote is so classic and clean. At 15x13x6 inches, it looks like it would easily hold my MacAir laptop.  $17.88

2.  The Striped Crochet Straw Bag is from Nordstrom. It's got a 10 inch strap drop and an extra large interior... perfect for a beach towel, water bottle, etc. This just may be this year's choice. $78

3.  I am a big fan of hobo bags. I am kind of the dump it all in and dig for my keys kind of girl. I do like that this Straw Hobo has a magnetic snap closure and inside pockets. $69

4.  Loving the red on this Jinga Raffia Shoulder Bag from Antik Batik. $115

5.  This Cross-over Bag is ideal for walking my dog Lola. It will hold my iPad in case I want to stop for a cup of coffee on my walk. (Too small for the larger iPad Pro however.)

6.  Yes indeed. It's nearly summer and "Girls Just Wanna Have Sun" and Fun. I also found this bag  It's at Nordstrom. They call it the Conversation Straw Tote. It's 21x14x6 inches. $48

7.  This tote reminds me of that first one I bought in Junior High and replaced for so many summers after that. The Moroccan Straw Market Bag is 21x14 inches. $29.99

8.  Clutches are not very practical for me. But I could put my wallet, keys and makeup in this one and toss it into one of the larger totes. It's made by Jessica McClintock. I found it at one of my favorite online stores - Zappos. $55

9.  I have been super into stripes since going to the...........exhibit last year. And red stripes are even better. This Handmade Crochet Beach Tote is also available in blue and straw and brown and straw. $27.99

Well I think it is between #2 and #9 this year. How about you do you have a favorite straw summer bag?

iPhone Sticky Notes

I am a big fan of the built in Notes app on the iPhone. But sometimes I just want a sticky note to slap onto something. Photojojo has these cool sticky notes that attach to the back of your iPhone 6/6+ or 6s/6s+. They are called Paperback Sticky Notes and are $8 for 80 sheets.

Paolo Nutini

I love this song. Not only is Paolo Nutini fabulous but the song's all about gratitude. I can count on it getting me up and dancing around my kitchen.


Beginning Again

I've been blogging off and on since 2009. My very first blog post was called "Do These Jeans Make My Ass Look Big?"

I haven't blogged for quite awhile, and have missed it. So I am beginning again. It's never too late to start something new!

You can still read all my old posts at Cynthia's Blog.